Take the Faith Challenge!

Taking the Faith Challenge involves 5 steps:

LOVE God by attending Sunday worship services faithfully every week.

GROW in faith by having a daily devotional time.

CONNECT with other believers by becoming a part of a Faith Group.

SERVE others by regularly serving in at least one ministry at Faith Assembly.

SHARE your faith as the Lord gives you opportunity.

Faith Groups @ Faith Assembly

Faith Groups are small groups designed to help us grow in faith, connect with other believers, and share our faith!  Explore our Summer Faith Groups which start June 24th and are offered throughout the week at Faith Assembly. We have a group for everyone: co-ed adults, men, women, young adults, youth and children.  Contact us to get information on current Faith Groups!

Check out our Wednesday Family Night @ 7pm!  We have Faith Groups for all ages including Nursery, Preschool, Elementary and Junior High.  Adult groups in English and Spanish are also offered.

Parenting Faith Group

Our Parenting Group will be offering a class on "Controlling Anger" from August 28th through October 2nd; 7pm-8:15pm.  

Sign up here to join this class!